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CVROM is an innovative technology that presents a person's multimedia professional portfolio in a CD-sized business card.


Resorts Resorts is a magazine dedicated to the best and most exclusive holiday spots in the world. Resorts, city hotels, spas and cruise ships.

It is an independent publication. Each article is an editorial choice and all the structures described are visited by our staff. Periodically it makes a sector ranking of the top ten and every year confers the Hospitality Awards to the ten best resorts worldwide.

Resorts is directed by a globetrotter of hospitality. Ovidio Guaita was the correspondent for VilleGiardini, Grand Gourmet and Grand Tour Cult. In fifteen years he has visited thousands of destinations in more than 130 countries.


Culinary Software Services

Culinary Software Services provides cutting-edge food service software like ChefTec to chefs, owners, operators and other food service professionals.



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