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NexC Membership offers you the opportunity to enter an exclusive club of professionals and executives in the hospitality, tourism and trade industries. The NexC hospitality network provides its members with the tools and services needed to move ahead in the industry.

JobMart offers a suite of recruitment services to hospitality employers and employees. Executive Search is the corporate solution for finding skilled individuals of all levels through the NexC database, while Career Development manages the professional's CV and portfolio. Other JobMart services include online job listings, job exchange forum and classifieds.

TradeMart is a one-stop virtual marketplace that allows you to buy or sell industry-related products online. Our sophisticated transaction program combines the reliability traditional business and the convenience of modern technology.

NexCenter is a one-stop resource of industry-related information. It contains daily hospitality industry updates, monthly features on NexChange, country mini-facts, directories, handy online utilities, web links to important information on the Internet, and special link services to the NexC Web site.

CVROM is the technology of having your profile and professional portfolio in a cutting-edge format - a CD the size of a business card. NexC gathers all your relevant career information and prepares an innovative and effective multimedia profile that puts you in the lead of the job market.

With its Hospitality Trade Directories, NexC is putting together a comprehensive information resource that lists major companies in all sectors of the hospitality industry worldwide.

NexC has its Creative Multimedia Development, putting its creative expertise, technological know-how and knowledge of the hospitality industry at your service for all your visual communications and promotional needs, using different media.


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