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Choosing the right person for the job requires both time and experience. NexC’s global recruitment team improves your chances of getting the right people, through various services that seek to meet your hiring requirements.


NexC has the team and the network that could easily make your search for the best person for the position a rewarding one. Our work is anchored on TRUST and DEPENDABILITY—values that are crucial in an industry that functions as a community and thrives in diversity.
NexC provides:
a dedicated recruitment manager and career development team

the complete contact information of pre-selected individuals

the opportunity to immediately review and evaluate each candidate

open channels of communication

provisions for an independent third-party interviewer

assistance in contract negotiations and relocation matters

competitive recruitment fees

follow-up care and

overall satisfaction.

Our unique Specialists for Hire service is a response to your need for new and innovative ways of staff sourcing. Through NexC, you can tap the services of skilled and experienced professionals for short-term projects such as pre-openings, peak season assignments and special events.
NexC guarantees:
the best specialist for your specific assignment

total flexibility in terms of project duration

diversity and additional value for your establishment

a ready solution for emergency situations and

a highly cost-effective manpower sourcing

NexC’s HospitalityVillage gives you access to a multinational group of young, highly motivated professionals who are starting or who wish to start careers in the industry and allows you to choose people whom you could train to grow with your company.
NexC offers:
dynamic career opportunities for candidates who want further advancement in the industry

diversity to your team and operations

an opportunity to build a solid group of professionals trained in your company's philosophy and

a rotating supply of candidates

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