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 About NexClassifieds

NexClassifieds, our all-in-one digital job listing for the hospitality, trade, travel and tourism industries reaches professionals across the globe, direct and fast. Whether you want to e-mail them, invite them to join your team, or let them know how you do business, NexClassifieds is the channel to count on!
is delivered directly to the mailbox of each professional

may be read and downloaded online and in digital format

provides outstanding brand recognition for your corporate image

links to multiple websites and email addresses

features creative designs and full color imaging

highlights ads and jobs postings, which are delivered simultaneously to over 45,000 professionals in over 200 countries worldwide every week

accommodates last minute ad placements (up to 24 hours before mailing of the week’s copies)

saves you time by doing the “dirty work” (transforms your ad in plain text in a creatively designed and laid out format)

accepts information and materials (artwork, photos, etc.) via email and

offers special packages for long-term listings

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