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 Recruitment Services
Choosing the right person for the job requires both time and experience. But the rigors of global recruitment means you cannot hire a prospective candidate by looking at work experience alone. With our expertise, you improve your chances of getting the right person. Our various services can address your company's different hiring requirements:

Executive Search

NexC's team of internationally experienced hospitality professionals uses modern recruitment procedures based on the standard of trust and dependability. Whatever your specific needs, with our extensive network, you can rest assured that we will find the person, who is best suited for the position.

Specialist for Lease

Our unique Specialist for Lease service is a response to our clients' need for new and innovative ways of staff sourcing. You can tap the services of highly trained and experienced individuals for pre-openings, projects, peak seasons, and special events—whenever and however needed.

Internships and Trainees

The future of the industry lies in the new crop of professionals your company will nurture. With your contribution and our service, we can help these people develop their skills and expertise for your benefit.

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