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Christmas Traditions around the World »
Santa Claus goes by many names in different countries of the world
Spain = Papa Noel
Morocco = Black Peter
Japan = Santa no ojisan
Italy = Belfana, Babbo Natale
Sweden = Jultomten
Norway = På Norsk
Netherlands = Kerstman
Finland = Joulupukki
Dutch = Sinter Klaas
Russia = Ded Moroz
Germany = Kris Kringle
Popular Christmas Dishes
The traditional Christmas feast of the old times consisted of roasted boars, swine and peacocks. As different countries adopted the Christmas tradition, the Christmas repast has diversified, painting a distinguishing picture of a people's culture.

In the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, roast turkey is the main Christmas dish. The people of the British Isles and Germany serve roast goose. In other countries, fish is the featured Christmas dish. Austrians serve baked carp while Norwegians feast on ‘lutefisk' (dried cod).

There are also a great variety of drinks and desserts consumed during Christmas in different parts of the world. Americans love to drink eggnog, while the English partake of wassail and mulled wine, which is made of red wine, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, peels of orange and brown sugar and served hot. In Sweden, people drink a hot punch called ‘glogg' made of spices, liquors, raisins, and nuts. The favorite desserts in the United States during Christmas are fruitcakes, mince pies, and pumpkin pies. Plum pudding, on the other hand, is the traditional sweet in Canada and the British Isles. The French typically serve ‘buche de Noel', a cake that looks like a log. Italians serve ‘torrone,' an egg-white candy with honey and nuts. The Germans' favorites are fruit-filled breads called ‘stolen' and the famous gingerbread cookies. In Mexico and Latin American countries, thin and round pastries called ‘bunuelos' are eaten with cinnamon and sugar.
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