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  MEET THE CHEF - Uwe Faust

Uwe Faust is the executive chef of The Peninsula Bangkok. Known for his dedication and keen eye for detail, this brilliant food expert from Germany never fails to draw admiration from both his guests and colleagues. His illustrious career has already brought him to several places in Europe, Asia and South Africa, taking charge of gala dinners for a number of world leaders during their state visits, including US presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

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Culinary trends – where do you see it going?
Even more health conscious spa dishes will be the near future trend or the good old homemade cooked dishes from mum will come back.

In your opinion, what three cuisines will dominate globally?
As far as I can see, the Italian, Asian and “Junk” food.

Who makes better chefs: women or men?
On my opinion, whoever gets the job done best and works the most professional and is making great food is the better chef.

Do you think brand (so-called Star Chef affiliation) are beneficial to hotels?
Yes, as guests like to see, read or dine where famous chefs are affiliated, especially in Asia where people are very brand conscious.

What was your greatest experience in the kitchen?
Cooking for President Bill Clinton in India and George W. Bush Sr. in China. Working for The Peninsula is also a great experience.

What was your worst nightmare in terms of your career?
It happened during my time in Sun City, South Africa. I went to work and realized that there was no staff on duty as all local staff went on strike and had not shown up for days.

If you could start all over again, what would be the top three jobs you would like to have?
Being a Chef, being Bill Gates and being Donald Trump.

Do you think genetically enhanced food products will become a major part of our future supply?
Yes as we sooner or later run out of naturally grown products as well as human population will increase and we will not have enough supply.

Organically grown food products - a fad or a real benefit?
If done correctly, they will be a real benefit and great for guests and chefs. If done badly, they will be a big BS.

Do you think bars should be non-smoking areas?
I don't smoke personally, but there should be smoking areas, as I understand the smokers how they feel. Restaurants, however, should be non-smoking!

Do you think out industry is environment-conscious?
Some yes, mostly no.

Do you think chefs should be required to have an AIDS test?
Why chefs only?

Do you think people appreciate and know what they eat?
Many yes but not all. For the one who appreciates it's great to cook for them. For the one who doesn't, it's pretty much a waste of time.

Are all health conscious diet trends really worth the effort?
Again if done correctly great, if not NO.

What's your favorite food?

Singaporean, Italian, Thai.

Your favorite drink?
Lime juice, Coca Cola, Gin Tonic.

Your favorite holiday destination?

Where would you like to retire?
I will retire in Thailand and Singapore.

Who cooks at home?
My wife and if I have time in my busy schedule I prefer to buy dinner and enjoy the outdoor restaurants.

Are you fussy about your food at home?
At home, no. Very simple homemade dishes make me happy. Outside, yes.

Do you want your kids to get in or stay away from the cooking business?
Whatever makes them happy and enough money.

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