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Heinz von Holzen has widely gained his cooking experiences from all over the world – be it in Singapore, Switzerland, Australia and Indonesia. His special skill is on Balinese Food where he proudly uses his talent at Bumban Bali Restaurant and Cooking School in Tanjung Benoa, Indonesia as Proprietor and Chef Entrepreneur.

Heinz invites you to the wonderful island of Bali and to stay in Bumban Bali for a 4-day/3-night
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Heinz the Chef

Heinz is the author of the highly acclaimed cookbook, The Food of Bali, and owner of Bali's first authentic Balinese restaurant, Bumbu Bali, Heinz has mastered a signature style of cuisine which combines the western techniques with the exotic flavours of Bali.

Culinary trends – where do you see it going?
Convenience food will more and more take over. Ready meals of high quality will be available globally through supermarket chains.

In your opinion, what three cuisines will dominate globally?
Asian, Continental European based, and free style cooking.

What changes do you foresee in the next 10 years for your position as an executive chef?
We will venture into the processing of food, which is currently under construction (Poultry and vegetable production) Once established we will venture into high quality Balinese fast food outlets. Producing several more books.

Who makes better chefs: women or men?
No difference. What makes a great Chef is his attitude.

Owners get more and more involved operations, do you think they should stay in the kitchen or get out of it?
This is a personal choice. Important on the end is the question wheater the owner runs a profitable operations. Entrepreneurs are known for running things often different.

Do you think brand (so-called Star Chef affiliation) are beneficial to hotels?
As long as the chefs make money and the costumer is happy with the product and patronizes the outlet then it becomes a win win concept where everybody is happy.

In a world of globalization, do you think it has a positive effect or that of being over managed and over controlled?
Progress and change are normal and took place since mankind exists. No progress without change. Only stubborn old-fashioned people will not accept this fact and with it will drown in the stream. Just think about the incredible great technology which is available to anyone today.

If you could change 5 things in the way we operate, what would it be?
The biggest threat to our industry are negative thinking people. Shoot them all. If every person only once a day would do a good thing to someone else, then the whole planet would look very different.

What was your greatest experience in the kitchen?
When ever a guest comes and thanks you for a great dining experience.

What was your worst nightmare in terms of your career?
The word NO, impossible

If you could start all over again, what would be the top three jobs you would like to have?
Cook, Cook, Cook and nothing else.

Heinz the photographer
Aside from being a chef, Heinz has also contributed his expertise in being a photographer for his own published cookbooks.
Heinz the conservationist
Devoting some time to environmental conservation is also one of Heinz's passions. He is active in saving the Balinese Turtle from being endangered in the coast of Indonesia.

Heinz the entrepreneur

From restaurant to culinary school to Rumah Bali, Heinz has made his passion (cooking) and his way of life (Balinese lifestyle) his business that keeps expanding in many different directions.

Heinz the fitness-buff
Always up for a new challenge, last on his long list of achievements, Heinz joined the Simpson Desert Cycle Challenge, a 580 km mountain bike race from Purnie Bore in South Australia to Birdsville in outback Queensland. Heinz finished among the top ten.

Heinz and Puji would like to invite you for a truly Balinese experience and like to invite all the hospitality and tourism professionals in the very unique experience in the island of the gods.

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