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Andy Siew Fye Leong a chef with a passion for food, knowledge and people; he will always take an extra step to give his guests the little extra, making a regular dinner a culinary delight to remember. For Andy, cooking has always been a big part of his life and with close to 20 years on the stove, he has inspired many young chefs to join the trade and has proven to chefs much senior to him, that his dedication continues to expand, his culinary horizon has made him a Master of the Trade, he recently moved to Seoul to open the Marco Polo Restaurant, located on the 52nd floor of the Trade Tower (World Trade Center, managed by InterContinental.

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Culinary trends – where do you see it going?
I specialize in Chinese Cuisine, but the trend of this cuisine is moving towards Modernized style of Displaying & Presenting.

In your opinion, what three cuisines will dominate globally?
Italian, Fusion Chinese & Thai

Who makes better chefs: women or men?
No discrimination on gender, a person who is progressively changing him/herself to stay in line with culinary trend makes the better chefs!

Owners get more and more involved operations, do you think they should stay in the kitchen or get out of it?
It depends on the situation, should the owner possess culinary ideas to share, they are most welcome.

Do you think brand (so-called Star Chef affiliation) are beneficial for hotels?
Yes it is

In a world of globalization, do you think it has a positive effect or that of being over managed and over controlled?
I don’t think so; it might restrain a person’s talent if he/she was over managed. Should leave some space for an employee to grow.

Your greatest experience in the kitchen?
During the years in The Oriental Bangkok.

Your worst nightmare in your career?
When I was working in Sri Lanka we were told that there was a bomb in the building next to our kitchen.

If you start all over again what would be the three jobs on top of your list?
Chef, chef and chef.

Do you think bars should be non-smoking?
Then it is not Bars……

Do you think chefs should be required to have an AIDS test?
I think it should have as to cope with some critic situation.

Do you think people appreciate and know what they eat?
I do, but not sure about the others.

Are all health conscious diet trends really worth the effort?
Yes it has.

Your favorite drink?

Your favorite holiday destination?
Four seasons countries.

Where would you like to retire?
Still searching.

Who cooks at home?
My wife.

Are you fussy about your food at home?

Do you want your kids to get in or stay away from the cooking business?
If they have interest in cooking, it is a good choice.

Visit Andy's website at

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