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DI GICOMO , Nicola    
Current Position:
    Director of Culinary Operations

Summary :
People who know Nicola Di Giacomo admire him not only for his amiable character but also for the passion and professionalism he instills in his work. Nicola brings with him a fulfilling career of over 30 years spent in the culinary arts, working in several places across Asia and Africa under...

DRESCHER, Peter    
Current Position:
    Area Executive Chef

Summary :
He may already have been in the business for more than 30 years, but one need only look at what he delivers and how he delivers to conclude that this charming culinary expert from Germany must have energy forever ...

DRYSDALE, Jason    
Current Position:
    Manager of Culinary Concepts

Summary :
Passionate, creative and committed to his craft, Chef Jason Drysdale grew up and learned of his gift in Australia. He was encouraged by his mother to become a chef and introduced him the importance of using fresh herbs and spices, giving him a palate for culinary innovation.

DUFF, Patrick Stephen    
Current Position:
    Executive Chef

Summary :
Chef Patrick Duff embodies the character of a strong-willed master of the kitchen - an executive chef, who is also an accomplished ice carver and a food competition leader. After his culinary training at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York, Chef Duff worked in various chef positions for...


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