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PILKINGTON, Gabriele    
Current Position:

Summary :
Gail came from a basic working family background and have worked hard to develop her personally, and build a solid career for herself. She have reached the position of head chef by the age of thirty, in one of Dublin’s best restaurants.

POH, Henry    
Current Position:

Summary :
Henry Poh has built a solid reputation as an engineer for hotel properties throughout his 28-year career in the industry. A seasoned professional, especially when it comes to setting up air-conditioning, electrical, and fire systems and procedures for newly-opened hotels, he has helped various properties achieve efficient operations and well-engineered facilities.

Current Position:

Summary :
Chef Raj Premkumar possesses a wealth of experience from working in some of the world’s most beautiful places. He has been to Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Maldives where he employed and enhanced his culinary flair.


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