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The World of NexC brings you to the colorful world of food and beverage. Here you will find the most sumptuous menus, most fragrant of wines, and most exotic of ingredients… Take a tour of the world of cuisine with us.

World Of Menus
Menus are as old as the hospitality industry itself. Some menus even date back to the times of Ancient Egypt and China. This section of NexC is devoted to the selection and collection of the most mouth-watering menus from around the world.
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World Of Beverage
Dining is always made more pleasurable with the perfect beverage… Whether it be an immaculate bottle of wine or a soothing pot of tea, let World of Beverage drown you with facts about the liquid sensations that make you forget about eating.
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World Of Ingredients
A cup of this, a tablespoon of that, a pinch or a dash… Exactly what does it take to make the perfect dish? World of Ingredients will show you the edible elements that shape up to be culinary masterpieces.
  under development

World Of Equipment
Choose your weapon and create the most tempting palate pleasers. Whether you prefer traditional utensils or more hi-tech gizmos, World of Equipment puts on show the most useful tools and tricks of the trade.
  under development

World Links Exchange
The best thing about learning something is sharing it. This is the perfect space to share your interests, ideas, recipes, and other discoveries to fellow enthusiasts.
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