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Directory Package Promo
Code Name Unit Price (USD)
NexCAd_Nx207 NexC Corporate Package* 750
NexCAd_Nx206 Business Package Premium* 595
NexCAd_Nx205 Business Package Advanced* 335
NexCAd_Nx204 Business Package Standard* 255
NexCAd_Nx203 Address Listing Premium* 155
NexCAd_Nx202 Address Listing Advanced 95
NexCAd_Nx201 Address Listing Standard** Free
NexChange_05 New Property Projects Directory 2004 Edition 75
*Includes the New Property Projects Directory 2004 Edition copy 
**Application accepted until 15 December 2003 only
Ads must be submitted before 30 January 2004
Ads payment must be settled on/before 15 February 2004
TradeIndex listing submitted after 15 December 2003 may not be considered anymore
Additional Ad Space
Code Name Unit Price (USD)
NexCAd_Nx208 Corporate Profile Page (1/3) 350
NexCAd_Nx209 Corporate Profile Ad (full page) 850
NexCAd_Nx210 1/4 Page 295
NexCAd_Nx211 1/3 Page (Vertical) 355
NexCAd_Nx212 1/3 Page (Horizontal) 355
NexCAd_Nx213 1/2 Page (Vertical) 555
NexCAd_Nx214 1/2 Page (Horizontal) 555
NexCAd_Nx215 1/1 Page 955
Additional Ad Services (Ad Preparation and Design)
Code Name Unit Price (USD)
NexCAd_Nx230 TradeMart Index Layout Free
NexCAd_Nx231 Corporate Profile Page (1/3) 50
NexCAd_Nx232 Corporate Profile Ad (full page) 95
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