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New Property Projects Directory - Hotels, Resorts, Spas & Clubs
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Among all infrastructure developments, hotel properties are the most challenging. They have to create strong visual impact as well as maintain a local and international flair.
planning ahead - meeting tomorrow’s expectation

Environmental consciousness, energy, resource preservation, deployment of latest technology and trends have become all-important factors. Security, Spas and health facilities also emerged as latest priority focus. 
while wait for the opening to promote your property when you can build up anticipation ahead

Interactive and digital, the New Property Projects Directory includes comprehensive property and project information. It further contains the Global TradeMart Index with broad listing of trade and supply companies. It addresses the need for a coherent network built among Developers, Designers, Suppliers and Operators. Promote the new properties to your most important guests - the people who will manage it.
• Showcase your property from the time of construction
• Build your network among specialists in all areas and expertise
• Research for latest innovations, trends and styles
• Make your hotel project a showcase for things to come
• Create advanced brand awareness for your property
• Access a large database of architects, designers and trade suppliers
we build people connection so you can maximize your business potential

Our ongoing data research and continuous update offer you an international gateway to connect to more than 70,000 professionals in over 200 countries. Your property information will reach even the remotest location in the world.
no global hotel directory is ever complete without your property
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