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World of Menus : Christophe Megel
Asian Tapas Order Now! Asian Tapas
Exclusively signed by Christophe Megel
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Christophe Megel World of Menu : Asian Tapas
Christophe Megel Asian Tapas: small bites, big flavors
Asian Tapas , small bites , big flavors  
Christophe Megel shares his wisdom on a new level by imparting his knowledge about his passion and ambition through education. Hailing from France, Christophe possesses a breadth of working experience. His journey on the international culinary adventure took great heights – stopping at some of the world's best kitchens and working with some of the greatest chefs while obtaining honor for his work. Now, he takes a more challenging path as the Chief Executive Officer of Singapore’s renowned culinary school, At-Sunrice Culinary Academy - The Singapore Cooking School & Spice Garden, inspiring and molding young minds into talented professionals.

Together with Antony Kilayko, Christophe conveys his talents into an educational masterpiece, Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore’s first cookbook, the “Asian Tapas,” which was published in 2004. The book offers a collection of recipes containing new and delicious ways to approach the tastes of the East. Cultural lines blur as they explore the breadth of Asian cuisine to bring you dishes inspired by the cooks of Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and many more.

Fresh Salmon Salad Rolls
Fresh Salmon Salad Rolls

Inspiration for these gorgeously delicate rolls comes from Yu Sheng, a raw fish salad eaten by Singaporeans during the Lunar New Year celebrations. Light, fresh and nutty flavors come prettily bundled in rice paper wrappers, with little dabs of tasty tobiko fish roe lending an elegant finishing

Abalone Windmill Dumplings

Abalone is an extravagant ingredient, highly valued throughout the Orient for its healing properties, as well as for its unmatched flavor and texture. Serve these eye-catching dumplings at a party buffet where they are sure to be a great conversation piece.
Abalone Windmill Dumplings

Tropical Tiramisu
Tropical Tiramisu

Sago, derived from a variety of palm trees, often forms the basis for many desserts in Asia. Here, it contributes to a playful departure from the traditional tiramisu—where tropical fruits, instead of the expected chocolate and espresso, give oomph to a creamy mascarpone base.


I am so happy to see a book which thoroughly embodies the essence and attitude of contemporary cooking. Christophe Megel has traveled the globe, and for him, modern cuisine is not an abstract concept. He brings to this project twenty years of experience in France, the United States, and now, Asia, where he teams up with Anton Kilayko. The recipes in this book illustrate both authors’ many- faceted talents. They portray a keen intelligence, a passion, a great imagination and a rigor of method.

Alain Ducasse
French Chef

Groupe Alain Ducasse

It is expected from a chef that he knows what good food is and how to produce it. What counts for a good leader is what he gets done from his people and how many leaders he makes of his students For this Christophe is a master, a leader and a motivator…a maestro fine tuning his orchestra to perform the perfect symphony. His book "Asian Tapas" is a showcase of his multi-cultural working experience. Good food is simple food! He did a wonderful job in making the book interesting and easy to use for all. The success of his book is no surprise it is a product of his passion for cooking.

Aloysius Bokhorst
Executive Chef
The Ritz-Carlton Osaka

Christophe Megel

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