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Way before Chef and entrepreneur Julien Bompard headed the kitchen of the wildly successful Le Saint Julien Restaurant in Singapore, he knew he was going to be a chef. His love for all things culinary began early – in fact, he believes that he has always wanted to become a chef.

Bompard began his career as an apprentice, training under the legendary chef Alain Dutournier at the Au Trou Gascon in France where he mastered the basics of the art of French cooking. He honed his craft for 10 years, and then came to Asia as Chef de partie of Tokyo’s finest French Restaurant, Le Toucan. What followed was a ten-year love affair with Asia, spent traveling and working in the continent’s most outstanding French restaurants.


Bompard is passionately devoted to the reproduction of the true flavors of French cooking, and sharing it with the world.

Today, Chef Bompard is known for his unique ability to combine traditional recipes with modern techniques. Although he has several awards to his name, including the Best Restaurant award of the World Gourmet Summit in 2006, Chef Bompard continues to push himself to reach greater goals.


After three successful years, Chef Julien Bompard shares recipes drawn from traditional French cooking. Realizing that while the common cook would desire to create classic French dishes in the kitchen, knowing what a gastronomical bastion France is creates an uncertainty and a hesitant attitude in all but the most confident of chefs, Bompard graciously created French Classics: Modern Kitchen. The colorfully illustrated book painstakingly details traditional French recipes, but also gives hints and tips for making shortcuts to save time.


Although the book will be available to the public as early as December 15, 2006, it will formally be launched at the Le Saint Julien on December 20, 2006.

Asked if the manuscript is a one-shot deal or the first in a series, Julien admits to working on another book, one that talks about cooking vegetables in a light and flavorful way. However, he jokingly points out that it has taken him 15 years to get French Classics out, and so he has no idea how long it will take to finish another one.

I am delighted by the deserved success of Julien.
La cuisine est une passion du coeur comme la recente publication de son livre!

Jean Paul Naquin
Executive Chef
Burj Al Arab
Dubai, UAE

All of us at The Peninsula wish Julien every success with his new cookbook

Peter C. Borer
Chief Operating Officer
The Peninsula Hotels
Hong Kong

On the corner of Fullerton Road quietly sits a grand dining establishment, serenely taking in the view of the Singapore River. This elegant restaurant is called Le Saint Julien, home of some of the finest French cuisine that can be found in Asia.

Established by husband and wife team Julien Bompard and Edith Lai-Bompard in 2004, Le Saint Julien quickly rose to fame as the home of some of the finest French cuisine to be had in Asia.

Although it has already been awarded the Best Restaurant Manager of the Year of 2005 and best Restaurant of the year 2006, he was also the finalists for the Best Chef, Best Restaurant, Best Wine List, and Restaurant Manager of the Year 2006, by World Gourmet Summit Singapore, Le Saint Julien is not an establishment known to rest on its laurels. Chef Julien claims that the restaurant contin-


ues to evolve and change for the better. The menu undergoes an almost complete overhaul roughly every fortnight, and the wine and cheese list continues to change with time. The one thing that does not change, however, is the restaurant’s commitment to excellence and the traditions of fine French cuisine.


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