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It is beauty that catches one’s attention and the taste that captures one’s heart.

Gianluigi Bonelli captures the essence of these two in the impeccable taste and creativity of his new collection of desserts inspired by the philosophy of Make Up. This new concept creates a new dimension of dessert – a new world advanced by new technique and advancement.

Simple, elegant and definitely captivating, this work of art defines inner expressions of his soul, his passion and his skills. It is the amalgamation of his experiences, evolution and personal growth.

He had worked in some of the most prestigious kitchens in the world including El Bulli, Hotel Adlon Kempinski and the Grand InterContinental Hong Kong, and now, in the Kee Club Hong Kong.

An extremely talented artist, Gianluigi’s creativity is clearly evident through his innovative recipes and his unique presentation.

KeeKee is Hong Kong’s most visionary Private Members’ Club for people who are interested in being a part of a certain lifestyle; one that embraces the ultimate in art, music, food, wine and most importantly, people. It is conventional, yet it offers the best of everything from fine dining to wine appreciation, design to entertainment and casual conversation to orchestrated networking. It is casual yet discreet and will continue to be shaped by the people who consider it a home.

Kee Club
6/F, 32 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
T: [852] 2810-9000




”In cookery it is usual to use the word art more often than necessary and every time I hear it I go on the defensive, as if I need to keep my distance, but I have no doubt that Nani is an artist, you just have to see how he expresses his sensibility in every different ways, apart from of course in his cooking, also in his personality his Latin spirit comes through and his passion is transmitted to all around him.

Make Up has taken cookery to unexpected heights and in which the senses are of great importance. Don’t be dazzled by the pictures, which are really beautiful but also read the texts explanations Gianluigi is giving us, so that we can get to know better the Genius THE GREAT NANI…


M: [852] 6226-7211
M: [39] 3405-977859


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Crispy Monkey Head Mushrooms with Spicy Pickled Chillies