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The “Food of the Gods” is in every page of this second volume of Wild Sweets by Dominique and Cindy Duby. Wild Sweets Chocolate is a daring feat that challenges culinary boundaries and highlights the Dubys’ creativity and masterful culinary craftsmanship. Featuring savories, sweets, bites, and drinks, the book is a thrilling collection of inventive recipes that fuse unlikely flavors to render unforgettable dishes. Step-by-step recipes and stunning photography feature elemental, root-down methods and a fresh approach to cuisine. Sharp, clean flavors balance in a joyful harmony of sweet and savory, inspired by ingredients that are refreshingly contemporary and distinctly West Coast. Wild Sweets Chocolate is equal parts a feast for the eyes, a delight to the senses, and an exhilarating journey through the Dubys’ famous atelier.
Partners in life and craft - Dominique and Cindy Duby
Dominique and Cindy Duby are life and business partners; world-acclaimed pâtissiers and chocolatiers; and chef-owners of the critically acclaimed DC DUBY Wild Sweets, a novel chocolate atelier and virtual boutique, which combine art and science to develop a unique approach to cuisine. Dominique and Cindy have trained under master pastry chefs and have reaped honors in international culinary competitions. Dubbed Canada’s most notable pastry chefs, they represented and led Pastry Team Canada in some world's most prestigious team pastry events.
Their artistic flair and creative exploits have been captured in documentaries and have also brought them regular invitations to international food events. Dominique and Cindy take their chocolates seriously, and, true to their motto that “a chef who stops learning is a retired chef”, they are committed to researching new ways to provide chocolate lovers with superlative taste experiences. They also own DC DUBY Hospitality Services Inc., a Vancouver-based international firm that offers education, consultation and creative services to culinary concerns worldwide.

Chocolate Haven - The DC Duby Wild Sweets Atelier
  Chocolate Haven - The DC Duby Wild Sweets Atelier

DC DUBY Wild Sweets is an innovative chocolate design atelier located in beautiful British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) and a critically-acclaimed virtual boutique located at Wild Sweets’ unique products and novel concepts reflect the past but also look to the future. Its goal is to contribute at the sensory level, to provide pleasure and to evoke emotions. The virtual boutique features luxurious chocolate gifts as well as simple, deliciously designed chocolates and other confections.

6020 Steveston Hwy., P.O. Box 63115, Richmond, BC, V7E 2K0 Canada
T: [1] 604-277-6102, E:, W:

Cooking Up Science and Art - The MEthod Behind the Magic
Dominique and Cindy are part of a growing group of chefs who see science and psychology as an integral part of a modern food experience. They work on a regular basis with food scientists to research, develop and implement techniques to create new tastes and textures. The results of their work include such novel concepts as “tasting” science kits and an annual limited-release chocolate collection.

While there's a strong scientific foundation to their work, the Duby's—who call their science-based approach culinary constructivism—don't believe in putting science above art. Their unique approach is showcased in their Wild Sweets Theatre—a multi-sensory, laboratory-like Chocolate Education Centre with a state-of-the-art-teaching kitchen that offers “edutaining” and interactive sweet, savory and pairing sessions.

Take a Bite - Recipes from the Duby's Lab and Kitchen
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