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More than just a businessman with La Rose Noire under his name, Gérard Dubois, is a confectioner with a real passion for his craft. His love for baking and good food started early in life. At sixteen he entered a five-year apprenticeship program in Villars, Switzerland where he graduated with distinction.

He eventually found himself working for the Hilton Group, which brought him on a journey around various countries in Asia until he became a Regional Pastry Chef in Hong Kong. Here, he started his personal transformation from confectioner to businessman, opening the first ‘La Rose Noire Patisserie’. The Swiss entrepreneur eventually took full control of the company. Now, after fifteen hard working years, La Rose Noire, under his management, is one of Hong Kong’s leading producers of fine bakery and pastry products.




Aptly titled ‘Passion’; Chef Dubois’s latest book includes forty-six recipes presented artistically with photos of avant-garde desserts elegantly gracing each page. The pictures of delicately crafted desserts, perfect to the last intricate detail are both mouthwatering and awe-inducing. “The visuals are set on black backgrounds with reversed lighting to evoke a magical sexy ambiance to the products.”

The Chef started working on this project early this year, “I started the first pictures, the first recipe the day of my birthday, the second of May this year”, he adds. The ‘coffee table' book, printed in Singapore, will be finished by the end of this month and is expected to hit the shelves soon.







How do you get to the nearest La Rose Noire factory? Just follow the enticing smell of freshly baked dough hovering in the air along the streets of Hong Kong, Dongguan (South China). From its humble beginnings as a patisserie in Hong Kong, La Rose Noire armed with its utmost dedication to quality, is now one of Hong Kong’s leading producers of bakery and pastry products. Now with more than three hundred staff, La Rose Noire continues to serve the demanding pastry needs of hotels, airlines, restaurants and retailers.


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