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Wild Sweets - Exotic Dessert and Wine Pairings
Winner for "Best Book in the World on Matching Food and Wine" at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2003 in Barcelona, Spain.

Welcome to the world of Wild Sweets—a place of indulgence where East meets West, innovation meets tradition. These playful desserts are based on wild and exotic ingredients and appeal to the senses in their taste, texture and shape.

With Wild Sweets, Dominique and Cindy Duby introduce a whole new way of thinking about dessert. In seven chapters, they create a menu that elevates sweets from the ordinary to the sublime. No longer is dessert just one course: life a fine meal, it begins with canapes and cocktails, builds with sweet dishes made from fruit and berries, grains and seeds or even sweet vegetables—often augmented with chocolate or icewine—and finishes with decadent cookies and chocolates. To accompany each course, the Dubys suggest sweet wines and icewines to draw out the flavours and heighten the experience.

From their unique professional life as food consultants, culinary educators, chocolatiers and participants in world pastry competitions, the Dubys share not only their outstanding original recipes but also their cooking secrets. In informative sidebars, they demystify the art and science of pastry with clear explanations of processes such as gelatinization and caramelization, since understanding how pastry works will help to prevent failures. In addition, they offer a primer on selecting colours, plates and serving dishes for artful presentation.
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Wild Sweets Book Volume I
Soft Cover, 170 Pages, 9 x 12 x .5 in
Publisher: Whitecap Books
Price: $25.95

Set the table, open a good bottle of icewine and prepare to be enchanted by the newest and most exciting developments in the world of sweets.

-Foreword by Charlie Trotter

About the Authors
Dominique and Cindy DubyDominique and Cindy Duby are world-acclaimed patissiers and chocolatiers who trained under master pastry chefs such as Gaston Lenotre in Paris and Paul Wittamer in Brussels. They have won many gold and silver medals in international culinary competitions, and they have represented and led Pastry Team Canada several times in the world’s most prestigious team pastry events: the World Pastry Cup and the World Pastry Championship. Today, they are the owners of DC Duby Hospitality Services Inc., and international consulting and communication firm specializing in food and wine concepts.

Known for their artistic flair and creative ideas, they have provided food styling and communication services to major international companies and have contributed trade articles to food magazines worldwide. As consultants, they have provided services to clients such as Singapore Airlines and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, and have delivered courses as guest chefs in colleges and at prestigious international food and wine events. They also create an extensive line of exotic chocolate products and luxurious CocoArt gifts for their virtual boutique——and other exclusive gourmet stores.

Preview Sample Pages

These are actual sample pages scanned from the book. The book also offers a primer on selecting colours, plates and serving dishes for artful presentation.

The preview samples of the book are in PDF format.

If you dont have an Adobe Acrobat reader please get it from the Adobe website.

Pear and icewine compote with smoked mango fillet and sweet pea shoot salad Creamy avocado pudding with pink grapefruit reduction and candied zest The limited edition of autographed copies can only be reserved directly from Cindy and Dominique Duby.
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