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We promote your business worldwide
We give you twice the mileage with your advertising campaign. Get three NexChange Head Bar Ad or five NewsExpress Column ads and we double your order.

NexChange Header Ad save USD 2,400!
3 header ads @ USD 800 = USD 2,400
+ 3 header ads free @ USD 800 = USD 00
NexChange Column Ad save USD 1,500!
5 column ads @ USD 300 = USD 1,500
+ 5 column ads @ USD 300 = USD 1,500

• Ads must be ordered before 25 December
• Placement of ads will be according to clients request and availability
• All Ads will be placed as close as possible to the clients request
• All ads must be placed on or before May 2005
• For linkage, correct web and E-mail address must be submitted
• You don’t have an ad? Don/t worry, we create one for you

With limited space available and special rates expiring Dec 25th don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to showcase your business 12 months a year.

Ruby Sponsor (main section Page)
Giant Bar = from USD 270 p.m.
Giant Bar = from USD 120 p.m.

• Ads must be ordered before 25 December
• Placement of ads can be ordered in single block of 6 and 12 months
• Spot is only available for companies with relevant high quality product
• Ads can be changed free of charge every two months
• Companies holding existing space have the priority for extending
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