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Because presentation counts
1. Your profile portfolio is personalized and creatively styled
2. Get a personalized press and media profile presentation with interactive connectivity
3. Connect the above two with your own personalized website.
4. Have all your personal documents professionally scanned and quality enhanced.
5. Imbed links to relevant company sides and information.
6. Receive all your organized on a rewritable CD.
7. Incorporate references, certificates, awards, press and media releases.
8. Have all images in high resolution fro Print and Low resolution for internet and E-mail.
9. Keep a link for future updates.
Personal and PR Profile
Combined with personalized website
only USD 299
only USD 699
• Order of CVrom must be placed on or before Dec 25th
• Actual production can be scheduled from Jan to March 2005
• To reserve offer a 50% deposit must be settled on or before 25th Dec.
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