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Room Viewer
Mapping out a room for an event can be a tiresome and tedious process. Everything has to be properly accounted to assess available floor space. But with the Room Viewer, layout planning is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Room Viewer is a new software that automatically generates layouts for events from a unique fill-in-the-blanks form. A user merely has to indicate the elements available in a room and Room Viewer will put the diagram on screen. These elements can be rearranged and customized to suit the user's purpose. The application uses six major seating styles and has icons that can be used to represent chairs, tables, stages and even audiovisual equipment. It can calculate audiovisual throw distances and figure maximum seating and projector screen size. It also calculates aisle size, prints diagram dimension, and generates inventory reports.

As an added flexibility, Room Viewer Pro is also equipped with a Shape Editor. This handy utility allows you to develop custom shapes by rendering functional equipment and elements in a proposed site. These shapes also provide additional information, such as the projector's throw distance or the distance between tables for new rounds.

An optional enhancement of Room Viewer Pro is the Room Schematic. This utility enables users to create permanent schematic drawings of event space. Whether these spaces are indoors or outdoors, these schematics can include boundaries and any permanent features, such as outlets, windows, columns, doors, posts and the likes.

Room Viewer is one of a series of computer applications, which are offered at NexC's TradeMart section.
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