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What could be better than floating thousands of miles away from land, feeling the wind in your face, and just stretching out your arms at the expansive greatness of the Seven Seas? Understanding the wonders of the ship or cruise you're sailing on, that's what.

Get to know and have a sense of ownership of the ship you're on with NexCruise. NexCruise reveals to you the intricacies and niceties of Ships and Cruises… From ship names to maritime engineering, nautical terms, and more, NexCruise sails you through the world of seafaring.
Cruise Ships
Get familiar with Cruise ships – their engineering, docks, capacity, itineraries, amenities, and other facets. Feel safe with the depth and dedication that has been put in making your cruise the most remarkable vessel out in the sea.
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Cruise Directory
Make use of NexCruise's extensive directory of Ships and Cruises. From the smallest to the grandest, we will get you in touch with the Cruise Lines that harbor these ships…
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Maritime Glossary
“Alee”, “Bridle”, “Chock”, “Dinghy”, “Ebb”, “Fluke”, “Gangway” … You think you know what these words really mean? Learn more fascinating naval terms and definitions from our maritime glossary.
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