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  Through the years of excellence in its field, NexC has established a robust network of professionals, companies and organizations from various sectors of the hospitality industry, which serves as the main pillar for its products and services. So whether you are posting a Classified AD or a Promotional AD with NexC, you can be sure that you get nothing less than the attention you want from the audience group you want to reach.  
  Your Advantages  
  Audience streamline to the industry that mattersto you—hospitality
Two-pronged approach to delivering your ad campaign—digital print
Information delivered directly to each professional via e-mail
Verified, demographically organized, regularly updated user
People contacts that never get lost—we move and grow with them
Multi-dimentional contact selection and sourcing
Full use of interactivity of all communication services
Information sent simultaneously to over 200 countries
People-to-people relation for your business
  Your Benefits  
  Global distribution to more than 200 countries
The promo ad or classified ad is digitally linked to your online information
Full color presentation for higher impact
Get twice the mileage at half the cost
Reach everyone at the same time
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