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  Terms and Conditions for NexC Advertising  
  General Information  
  All services of NexC are focused on the travel trade and tourism industry, including the educational sector as well as the business and trade. Our targeted market comprises of the industry professionals with international exposure and experience of 10 years or more. NexC offers you, our CLIENT, a quality exposure to business market and in order to maintain the highest quality, advertising is primarily focused on related companies only.  
  Guidelines and Specifications  
  • NexC must approve all advertisements before they are placed on the website at www.nexc.com or any of its related services.
• NexC reserves the right to reject any insertion order, graphic, text description, or URL if the given standards or quality requirements are not met.
• NexC will post all banners submitted as “complete” as is and will not be responsible for any design or layout faults.
• NexC will submit custom designs to the CLIENT for approval at least 48 hours before activation. If no response is received from the CLIENT, NexC assumes that the customized artwork for the ad is accepted and will therefore use the artwork accordingly.
• NexC will entertain two revisions at no extra charge. Afterwards, a surcharge of 15% will apply to each additional adjustment.
• Any delay caused by client changes that will result in delayed activation will be deducted from the initially confirmed ad-posting period.
• All artwork must be accompanied by traffic instructions including website link (top level domain name only) and/or e-mail link, as well as functionalities [rotation instruction] if applicable.
• It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to adhere to any and all trademark and copyright laws. NexC will not be taking any responsibility relating to this issue.
  Web Link for Ad  
  The name and logo of the CLIENT or the company, brand or establishment that the ad represents should be included in the ad for stronger marketing effect and more effective brand building. Premium ads may carry more than one website link. The URL (web address) should include top-level domain name (e.g. '. com’ '. net’ '. org’).  
  How to Deliver Your Ad  
  Ads should be sent electronically to advertising@nexc.com or uploaded/placed on the Web where it can be picked up. Should the CLIENT choose the latter to submit its ad, the CLIENT should also send an e-mail containing the pick-up URL and posting instructions at advertising@nexc.com.  
  Cancellation Policies  
  • NexC may, at its sole discretion and based on valid reasons, reject or cancel at any time any advertisement or classified ad submitted by the CLIENT, in which case the CLIENT will be informed within 72 hours after NexC makes its decision on the said ad.
• NexC reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that do not comply with international privacy law or that contain any discriminating material of racial, religious or sexual nature.
• The CLIENT may ask to have its online ad pulled out from the website where it is posted within 24 hours following a written confirmation. In such an event of cancellation, no refund or credit for the remaining ad period will be given to the CLIENT.
• If client wishes to cancel a prior advertising agreement, he must do so in written format by e-mail to advertising@nexc.com or eFax at [1] 212-658-9877. All cancellation requests will go in effect within 72 hours.
  Advertising Rates  
  • Advertising rates with NexC vary depending on the size of the campaign, location and the target audience. Favorable rates are available for larger campaigns (e.g. volume advertising of multiple ads and/or prolonged advertising periods).
• Corporate Members of NexC enjoy special discounted rates of 20% (may not be applicable to special promotional offers).
• For NexC accredited media and advertising companies, NexC pays industry standard commission to agencies.
• Rates are flexible and may change according to market force. NexC will honor all signed advertising contracts with the confirmed rates at the time.
• All rate changes will be posted at our website at www.nexc.com and will take effect within 30 days from date of posting.
  Payment Policies  
  • Prior to activating any advertisement, all payments relating to the AD must be paid and cleared.
• If the CLIENT fails to submit the artwork on time or decides to cancel after advertising contract has been signed, it will be liable for 50% of the cost, if such cancellation is made less than four weeks from the actual date of posting.
• For Credit card payments, a 4% additional fee is added. If NexC fails to receive authorization, the CLIENT will remit payment in full via telegraphic banking or online bank transfer. In case of any credit card dispute, the agreed amount stipulated in the invoice in conjunction with the signed contract shall be legally binding.
• For any creative work, payments must be received before delivery. Large media campaigns might require a 50% deposit prior to starting the assignment, in which case payment schedule will be clearly defined with the project.
• If the CLIENT cancels a confirmed contract more than 30 days from the actual date of activation, a 50% cancellation charge will apply. For cancellation made between 15 to 30 days from the actual date of activation; a 75% cancellation fee will apply. For cancellation with less than 14 days notice, full fees will be applicable. For any excess balance due to cancellation, NexC will provide a credit note for the amount to be used for any future ad campaigns within the next 6 months, after which it will be forfeited.
  For questions, please e-mail NexC at advertising@nexc.com, call at [63] 2 815 6988 or eFax at [1] 212-658-9877.  
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